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October 24, 2023

Give the gift of good health

The new year has arrived and it's a time for reflection and gratitude. It's also a time to think about giving back to those less fortunate, including families struggling to afford crucial veterinary care for their pets. Rising costs and a challenging economy have made this year especially tough on animals, with many households making difficult decisions between family and pet needs.

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I'm reaching out today to ask for your help supporting these families by donating to Clay Humane. This is why we exist; for 45 years, we have been on the forefront in the battle against pet overpopulation. As the area's oldest and most recognized low-cost clinic, we have provided care to tens of thousands of animals in our community- owned and ferals, wild and domestic. And your contribution can make a difference in the lives of so many other animals who need our help. Whether it's providing wellness care, temporary rehabilitation care, or life-saving care, every dollar counts.

There are so many ways to give back in 2024, but helping animals provides us with so many gifts of our own. If there's one thing animals teach us, it is unconditional, selfless love. By giving back to our own pets, stray animals, or those we will never meet, we're practicing a kind of love that expects nothing in return, one with no personal gain or interest. Your gift not only improves the lives of countless animals but your life will be enriched, as well.

I urge you to consider donating, no matter how big or small. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of these animals and give them the chance at good health they deserve.

As always, thank you, and may you enjoy peace this holiday season and all year through.

Give the gift of a lifetime TODAY!

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