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Saturday, September 6th

Strut Your MuttAt Strut Your Mutt, dogs and their families share a leisurely walk and fun run, followed by a festival for all things dog. JOIN THE CLAY HUMANE TEAM NOW. There’s not a dog or cat born who doesn’t deserve the chance to know companionship, care, and a loving family. But every day in this country, more than 9,000 pets are killed, simply because they don’t have homes. That’s why Best Friends Animal Society, local animal rescue organizations like Clay Humane, and passionate individuals like you are joining forces to create a bright future for pets — and to give each one the chance to thrive. Join our team at Strut Your Mutt >>>


Teens charged in killing of gopher tortoise

Orange Park girls abuse and kill gopher tortoise"I'm very sad the tortoise died as it did, but I'm glad this is not being swept under the rug or ignored. It's being treated like the crime that it is."


Earnest words issued by Clay Humane Veterinarian Christian Broadhurst upon learning that animal cruelty charges would be filed against two teenage Orange Park girls who videoed themselves brutally torturing and killing a protected gopher tortoise. Over the course of two videos brazenly shared via Facebook, the teens are seen lighting the tortoise on fire, slamming it to the ground, and ultimately stomping it to death – all while laughing and celebrating every heinous move. Chided by those who saw the video post, the girls defended their cruel behavior as a "joke" and taunted angered commenters with a promise for another victim and another video "tomorrow." READ MORE >>>

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Become A MemberThe bond between people and their pets is undeniable. For hundreds of years domesticated animals have served as companions and as protectors, as playmates and as workers. Locally, as many as 70% of area families share their homes with at least one pet, and the need for affordable veterinary services is more important than ever in these tough economic times. People like you, who value the unconditional love and companionship that only a pet can bring, count on Clay Humane to help protect that special bond through many key services. Read More >>>

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Just make an appointment –it is that easy. Call now: (904) 276-7729. Want to help this worthwhile program? SPAY IT FORWARD by making a donation to the cat sterilization program. YOU can pass it on by donating to spay and neuter a community or feral cat to help in the fight against pet overpopulation.

Made Possible By Petsmart CharitiesThe initiative is aimed at lowering animal intake in area shelters thus reducing euthanasia in companion animals. Thirty-five percent of cats in U.S. households are not spayed or neutered, yet the procedure is one of the most effective ways to reduce the homeless pet population! Help us stop pet overpopulation. Read More >>>


Dr. Christian featured on News 4 Jax

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Dr. Chris, talks about preparing your pets for hurricane season.


The Clay County Humane Society of Orange Park, Florida, is a private non-profit animal welfare organization, which was established in 1978. We are the areas first non-profit animal clinic where spay/neuter surgery and other veterinary care is offered at substantially reduced rates.

Clay County Humane Society offers the following services:

The purpose of Clay County Humane Society is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, and the extension of humane education. We are a non-profit organization and must rely on grants, donations and fundraisers to continue to serve the community. DONATE NOW. Throughout the year we have many activities such as vaccination clinics, pet photos, membership drives, county fairs and festivals. We encourage you to support our events. These activities help make it possible to achieve our goals.

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  • Monday, October 6, 2014
    Pars Fore Paws • Magnolia Golf & Country Club

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