Wildlife Protection

Wildlife Rehabilitation Program

Our wildlife rehabilitation program provides essential, hands-on animal care.

Dr. Standorf with red-tail hawk

In 1994, we received our Wildlife Rehabilitator License and expanded the Clay Humane Wildlife Rebabilitation Program. Our essential, hands-on animal care is paired with educating the community to help develop an understanding of wildlife as it relates to humans and the environment.

Clay Humane has provided critical care for many injured, sick and orphaned wild animals including: foxes, deer, squirrels, waterfowl and birds of prey. Help keep the Clay Humane Wildlife Rehabilitation Program growing. With your donation, we can continue to foster humane attitudes and behavior, make a donation today!

Before you rescue any wild animal, it's best to make sure the animal really needs your help. Learn how to determine if the animal is truly orphaned or injured. Ideally, never handle an adult animal without first consulting a wildlife professional. Even small animals can injure you.


Clay Humane Wildlife Gallery

Wildlife rehabilitation of an osprey
Wildlife rehabilitation of a Cardinal
Wildlife rehabilitation of a bluebird
Wildlife rehabilitation of a baby bunny
Wildlife rescue of a baby fawn
Wildlife rescue of baby squirrels
Wildlife rescue of a beaver
Wildlife rescue of deer
Wildlife rehabilitation of a racoon