Clay Humane Programs

Advocacy, Education & Awareness

Humane Education

Our school presentations, facility tours, publication and speaking engagements are just some of the ways that we educate the public. Learn more about our Humane Education Programs.

Pet-Assisted Therapy

Our volunteers work with many Clay County nursing homes and other facilities in the surrounding northern Florida area. Learn more about our Pet-Assited Therapy Programs.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

In 1994, we received our Wildlife Rehabilitator License and each day care for foxes, deer, squirrels, a variety of birds and many other animals which have found their way into our facility. Learn more about our Wildlife Rehabilitation Programs.

Disaster Preparation

We are part of the county’s disaster plan and our trained Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) is ready to lend assistance in our community and other areas as needed. Learn more about our Disaster Preparation Programs.

Veterinary Clinic

Our low-cost, full service, veterinary clinic, provides affordable veterinary treatment so that no animal need go without vital care when in need. New URGENT HOURS! Learn more about our veterinary clinic and urgent care.

Indigent Care

This program assists citizens under financial strain. Qualified individuals may receive additional veterinary discounts and/or Pet Food Bank assistance. Learn more about our Indigent Care Program.