Pet Behavioral Counseling

Happy Owner, Happy Pet

Pet behavior counseling

Say Yes To Positive Reinforcement Training

Research shows that the number one underlying reason why pets are surrendered to shelters is because of a behavioral problem. Often, simple behavioral issues can spiral out of control to the point that owners become frustrated and feel powerless to improve the situation. Read more about positive reinforcement training for dogs.

Clay Humane provides a pet counseling service to people who are having behavioral problems with their pets. Our staff offers basic obedience advice and behavior modification tips to help owners solve such problems so pet and owner can establish a rewarding relationship. We believe that a positive reinforcement based training program can make all the difference in a pet’s behavior and will ultimately strengthen the vital human-animal bond – definitely a win-win situation for pets, owners, and shelters!

Training The Owner First

Remember: Pet training is as much about training the owner/handler as it is about training the pet. As pet owners, our commitment to the training program is vital to its success. Never enroll in any program that does not permit your presence or involvement, nor any program that uses physical reprimands, shock collars, or inhumane practices. Any reputable trainer should also be able and willing to provide you with references prior to beginning any formal instruction.

If you are experiencing behavioral problems with your pet, contact us (904) 276-7729. Our staff will be happy to provide you with direction for helping you and your pet enjoy a happy and healthy relationship.