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You love helping animals, your continued support makes a difference!

Dear Friend of Clay Humane,

Albert Schweitzer once said "Do something for somebody every day for which you don’t get paid." Mr. Schweitzer clearly understood the role of community in enriching the lives of those around us. The Clay County Humane Society’s commitment to this cause isn’t limited to within its four walls. As we complete our 40th year, we look back at all we have accomplished. Clay Humane has served as a voice for the animals through campaigns in our communities and schools aimed at fostering humane attitudes toward all living creatures. Since its inception, The Society has sterilized more than 100,000 animals, including 25,000 cats via our free cat sterilization program. Through the years, hundreds of orphaned or injured wildlife species have also been rehabilitated and successfully returned to their native habitats with the hope of preserving nature for the generations that follow. And with only smiles as payment, groups of dedicated volunteers visit seniors in nursing homes and lend crucial assistance to disabled and disadvantaged persons with pets.

But thousands more need our help.

We hope that you will consider being a generous supporter of our programs that help so many animals in need - domesticated and wild, owned and feral, well and injured. Your kind gift enables us to reach more animals… to prevent more suffering and needless deaths. People like you, who value the unconditional love and companionship that only a pet can bring, count on us to help protect that special bond. Every cent you contribute to Clay Humane will go to support our many worthwhile programs and the vital services that they provide to our community. Every gift helps spay or neuter a cat, preventing the unwanted birth of hundreds of cats who contribute to overcrowded shelters and high euthanasia rates. Each gift may sponsor a bird of prey’s medical care and diet while rehabilitating to return to the wild. Each donation can make emergency surgery and life-saving measures possible for an abused, critically injured dog. Your donation could equip our disaster response team to assist during fires, floods, and evacuations. Every penny counts.

There are many ways you can continue to support Clay Humane:


  • Make a tax-deductible online (or mail in!) monetary gift in honor of your loved ones to send birthday cheer and let them know lives have been saved in their honor.
  • Make your mark on our “Building a More Humane Future” plaque! With a minimum donation of $500, you can honor an individual or a beloved pet in our permanent collection engraved with a name.
  • Sponsor a Clay Humane program. All donations of $1,500 or greater will help sponsor a program of your choosing including Wildlife Rehabilitation, Pet Assisted Therapy, and Humane Education, to name a few.
  • Choose Clay Humane as your charity of choice when shopping Amazon Smile this holiday season! Where else can your purchases save lives? Download our wish list now. It has been specifically created with our high priority needs in mind! Remember - you shop, Amazon gives! Purchase gifts from Amazon to help the animals by using We have also created a wish list on Amazon too!
  • Donate to the future! Consider a recurring monthly gift that spreads cheer all year long! Call (904) 276-7729 to find our how.
  • Leave your mark on Clay Humane with a gift to our permanent endowment fund. Your gift will be a lasting contribution that assures a better future for the thousands of homeless, neglected, or forgotten animals that need our help in the community.
  • Adopt, foster, volunteer, and most importantly, spay and neuter!

The overwhelming task of improving the lives of others – both two and four-legged – is not the job of one person, but many. It is through solid cooperative efforts, and compassion for our fellow living beings, that our community will flourish. Clay Humane is proud to lead the way toward a community that shares a vision of better lives for our animals and, in turn, for those who love them.

We wish you peace and happiness.

Linda Lake
Board President