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Pet Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

November 2019

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving For Pets Too

Thanksgiving is such a magnificent and meaningful holiday. Families and friends excitedly gather to show their gratitude for all they are so fortunate to have. Aromas of rich and delicious foods fill the air and most feel the need to overindulge. Although this may or may not be the best idea for you, it is definitely not for your pet. Being overly generous with your Thanksgiving meal, ie table scraps can lead to injury or illness for our pets.

  • Prevent access to counter tops – some dogs and especially cats will jump up on to counters (cats) or pull thing off counters. This is so tempting to pets with the succulent smells of turkey and food. The hot stove and hot items on counters can cause severe burns.
  • Safely dispose of the turkey string and foil– the string that wraps or ties turkey's legs is often haphazardly placed aside and found and eaten by dogs and cats. The same danger exists with the plastic turkey wrapper. Ingestion of these indigestible items can require life-saving surgery. Place string, aluminum foil, and turkey wrappers in a secure covered trashcan.
  • Careful with table scraps and food – some dogs and cats deal well with table scraps and others get stick. Small breed dogs can be especially sensitive and develop a disease called pancreatitis. This is especially true with high fat meals. Don't feed your pet the skins to get rid of them. If you feed anything – offer small amounts of vegetables or meat.
  • Bones: Make no bones about it. Certain bones can lacerate or obstruct your pets' insides. Save the bones for the broth - not your dog.
  • Special care with candles – this is a wonderful occasion to light some beautiful candles. Only do this with the candles are supervised. Never leave the room with a burning candle. Pets can knock them over causing burns or house fires.
  • Beware liquid potpourri – this is another item that is commonly used during the holidays to give the home a wonderful aroma. The liquid potpourri can be very caustic to the gums and throat of ingested. Spray or plug in air fresheners may be a safer alternative.
  • Garbage: Keep an eye on the garbage and keep it securely fastened! If your dog gets into it, he may think he's hit the jackpot, but all he'll be winning is health problems from something as simple as gastric disturbance, vomiting and diarrhea to the worst-case scenario - death.
During Thanksgiving Dinner...
  • Give your dog a special new chewy, an irresistable new toy, or a treat filled Kong Toy or Buster Cube to keep him occupied during the meal.
  • Some well-meaning guests may not know that you don't want anyone to share food with the dog. Before serving, let everyone know that they should not give anything to the dog.
  • Keep a watchful eye on children who might want to feed the cute doggy anyway.
  • Keep a watchful eye on dogs who can't resist the opportunity to steal food from little hands.

As always, Clay Humane wishes you and your four-legged friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving!