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October 09, 2017

In The Aftermath Of Irma

Nearly a month after Hurricane Irma swept through Florida, the evidence of her devastating trek up the state remains. The flood waters have receded, the power has been restored, and the routine of daily life has returned for most. But, the impact Irma had on the people and pets of Florida will not soon be forgotten.

Unprecedented flooding in Northeast Florida left two local animal shelters and hundreds of families temporarily homeless. Our county’s animal services became both the rescuer and the rescued, as flood waters poured into their animal housing areas, but all 101 animals were saved because of the quick action of staff and volunteers, firefighters and police.

Hurricane Irma donations

In the aftermath, Clay Humane was happy to join other local rescues in providing housing and care to the now TWICE homeless animals of the evacuated shelter. Our staff was on hand during and after the storm to receive injured wildlife, to assist with returning displaced wildlife to their homes, to provide emergency care and food to abandoned pets, including nursing kittens, and to receive animals that continued to be rescued by our county Animal Care and Control.

Clay Humane immediately organized a pet food and supplies drive to support the displaced and damaged shelters, homeowners with pets, and other area animal groups. Donations arrived from all over the country, with more than one ton of food and truckloads of cleaning supplies and pet related items filling our facility to capacity within one week! And ALL of it was distributed to those in need in Clay County and beyond throughout the following days.

Thank you to all who donated products, who donated their time to help, and who opened their homes and hearts to those affected by Irma. We are grateful that the community came together in the wake of the storm and know that we, as a community working together, are unbeatable.