Laser Therapy For Pets

Now Available at the Clay Humane Clinic

Laser treatment available for pets

Class IV Companion Laser Therapy

Clay County Humane Society is excited to now offer Class IV Companion Laser Therapy in order to provide the best overall care for your pets. This advanced modality can be incorporated with traditional medicine for a multi-modal treatment plan that will treat and heal your pet from head to toe. There are several indications for laser therapy in veterinary medicine, including decreasing inflammation, enhancing pain management, improving nerve function and speeding wound healing. In contrast to most medications, there are no known side effects and very few contraindications for laser therapy.

Therapeutic laser therapy utilizes light energy to stimulate healing within the body through non-invasive and pain-free technology. Laser therapy sessions typically last only a few minutes, and patients can display immediate calming and pain-relief results due to the massaging motion and warmth delivered by the laser therapy.

Some of the most common disease processes that can be improved with laser therapy include arthritis, chronic pain, orthopedic conditions, neurologic conditions, wounds, abscesses, acral lick granulomas, dental inflammation, ear infections/otitis, skin diseases/pyotraumatic dermatitis and post-operative healing. Some medical conditions may require a series of treatments for improvement; however many patients will show improvement after a single session, including increased comfort and mobility for arthritis as well as faster healing for wounds and post-operative incisions. Every pet and every patient are different; please contact us or call (904) 276-7729 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jessie Burgess, Certified Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist, Canine Rehabilitation Institue.